Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baby Elephants and The Giant Star Quilts

Giant Star Quilts.

I am a big fan of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

A few months ago, I read that someone from the UK
had donated a quilt to one of the orphaned elephants.

I had to do one, too.

But I didn't just make one.

I made four.

Why do orphaned elephants use/need blankets?
They are missing and need the warm of their mothers.
They are susceptible to colds and colds can be deadly.

But why did I make four Giant Star Quilts?
I made one for any new or current elephant that needed some extra warmth.

I made a second to use as a "mother" elephant.
When the Keepers feed the elephants, sometimes the elephant will not feed. With a blanket hung and used as a "mother" it will feel as if the mother is above him and he is safe to eat.

I made a third quilt to be donated to the DSWT to be used at their discretion as a fundraiser.
I imagined an international raffle that could raise at least $400 USD.

I made a fourth Giant Star quilt for myself. :)

All four Giant Star quilt tops are similar in style and fabrics.

  • The two elephant Giant Star quilts have a fluffy poly batting and fleece backing.
  • The donation/raffle Giant Star quilt has proper cotton batting and a beautiful orange/red/yellow patterned back.
  • The fourth Giant Star quilt (mine) will be quilted in the US with cotton batting and backed with Minkee.

We arrived at our private session at DSWT for the donation.
Thanks to our friend, Barb, who coordinated it.

The smallest/youngest elephant, Ajabu, who we also foster, was already in the area. She had finished her bottle.

The others started to arrive.

And then another group came down.

A total of 22 elephants.
And it was just the 3 of us and the handlers.

Wow. What an experience.

The bottles were consumed.

And then the mud baths and dirt showers started. 

We pulled out one Giant Star quilt.
Ajabu modeled it. She is so tiny.

The quilt moved to another larger elephant. 

More came to touch it.

Then the elephant decided to climb on one of the mud lounging elephant.

Not sure why. Maybe he felt he was a superhero with a new cape?

Then the Keepers pulled out the second Giant Star quilt.
Hung it.
And then there was a rush to see it.

The elephants wanted to touch and rub on it.

I am not sure what DSWT will do with the donation/raffle quilt.

I hope they find a way to sell it or raffle it. It matches the elephant quilts. The DSWT helps these orphaned elephants who, without their help would not survive in the wild. I'm sure the quilt could raise a fair amount of money.

Would you buy a raffle ticket if it was offered?
If so, would you friend them on Facebook and let them know?
Or you could email the DSWT.

Here are some additional photos from today.

Our foster baby, Ajabu. So young, not even two months old.

This one thought I had a special yummy treat.

This is Maxwell, a blind rhino having a snack.

I can't express how wonderful this experience has been.
If you want to foster an elephant, please take a look at the DSWT website. You can also foster Maxwell, the rhino.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Elephants, again.

I am inspired by these orphaned elephants.


I found an excellent blog post regarding these darling animals.

Please give it a read. It will be worth your couple minutes.

I'm not sure if you've heard about the elephant poaching (and rhino) that has become a grave concern for the future elephant population. It is bad. Really, REALLY bad.

Please also visit David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for more information.

I will have more info and what I'm doing to help (in a small way) in an upcoming post.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

But Wait. One More Video!

Here is a great video of all the animals you will typically see on safari in Kenya.

This was one shot.

Please notice the giraffe that hides behind a tree.

Sorry about the jerkiness and shakes - still learning. :)
I wish I could get it bigger, so you can see better.
If you have any hints - let me know!

Another Video Post: Elephants

We did one safari drive a day.
The rest of our time was spent lounging at the pool.
{First time - EVER- I've lounged at the pool with Eric}

This was the highlight of our safari in Tsavo West.

Video Post: Flying into Finch Hattons

We are new to shooting video.
Right now, you will just see basic video.
Someday, I will learn how to add music/text, etc.

But for now, enjoy our departure from Wilson Airport in Nairobi.
Arrival in Tsavo West. Finch Hattons Landing Strip. Kenya Safari.

We had to do a fly by. Yes, to remove animals from the landing strip.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Temporary Final Decision (maybe)

We have gone round and round on what color
to paint the new living room at Camp David.

From bold color to grey to almond.
Yep, we are going classic and safe.

I still need to choose the entry color.
Still thinking to go with a nice medium grey.

Once we see the new rooms in person,
I will feel better about finding the "right" color.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Paint Colors

I love color. I love all the colors. Can't pick a favorite - ever.
Well, except for black/charcoal - that is easy. It is my go to accent. Goes with everything.

Our cabin, Camp David is undergoing a remodel. 
Long story, that I don't want to relive at the moment.

It is time to choose paint colors.
And I'm not anywhere near Benjamin Moore, Rodda or Home Depot.
Online is my only way to choose. Thank goodness for pinterest and houzz.

Here are my 5 choices to sample paint.

Benjamin Moore 
AC-30 Winter Gates
AF-440 Urban Nature
AF-155 Weimaraner

Behr (Home Depot)
PPF-35 Green Adirondack
UL200-3 Manuscript

I haven't seen pictures of the remodel. Not sure that I will. 
Might just see it in person.

I'm sure any of these colors will look great.

Next up: flooring.